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Always + Alexis

Watermark - Sachet

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Fragrance almost any space. Our scented sachets are designed to fragrance your space, without the extra fuss. To use, simply shake, set, and scent. No need to open or light – just anywhere, anytime fragrance in our charming, hand-painted envelopes.

Your ultimate #LifeHack. This flame-free fragrance option offers:

Safety: No open flames or hazardous fumes, making it ideal for homes with children or pets.
Convenience: Tuck it anywhere, from drawers and shelves to under your car seat.
Longevity: Enjoy up to nine months of subtle scent without needing to lift a finger.

Fragrance Description: With nothing but clear skies ahead, it's time to set sail on the crisp, blue waters! Watermark overflows with watery green florals, zesty lime, refreshing citrus, and soft, warm notes of patchouli and amber.