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Big League Chew - Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum Flavor

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  • BIG RALLY BLUE RASPBERRY - When your team is down in the late innings, a big rally is your only hope. Luckily, Big League Chew has you covered. Complete your comeback with Big Rally Blue Raspberry
  • THE ONLY SHREDDED BUBBLE GUM – As the first and only shredded bubble gum, Big League Chew is in a league of its own. BLC’s unique recipe is specially formulated to deliver a super soft chew that sets our shreds apart. Rip open a pouch, tear off a little (or a lot!) of shreds and see the difference for yourself! From the first spring workouts, through the dog days of summer, all the way to playoffs in the fall, we’ve got the chew to get you through.
  • LONG LASTING FLAVORS – Compared to other leading bubble gums, Big League Chew has a more intense flavor and loses its flavor at a slower rate. Try all five fun flavors of BLC and find your favorite! Whether you’re on the diamond, in the dugout, or cheering from the sidelines, no baseball/softball game is complete without Big League Chew.
  • STAY FRESH POUCH – Who wants to chew stale gum? Big League Chew’s unique stay fresh pouch is designed to seal in the flavor and freshness better than a regular wrapper. Just fold the pouch up when you’ve had your fill and come back to fresh gum later. Or chew the whole pouch at once, we don’t judge.
  • THE BALLPLAYERS’ BUBBLE GUM - Born in the bullpen in the summer of 1977, Big League Chew was the brain child of Portland Maverick lefthander Rob Nelson. After perfecting his shredded bubble gum product with the help of Mav teammate Jim Bouton, Big League Chew officially hit retail shelves in 1980 and has been a fan favorite ever since. BLC is proud to be a partner of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and to be made in the USA